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If you are a newbie to fragrances or an experienced connoisseur of scents, you will find it easier to choose a fragrance that fits your style if you know the different types and characteristics of fragrance notes. The best tool for this is a fragrance wheel.

There are two types of olfactive groups that you can identify above on the fragrance wheel: traditional and modern. The first traditional fragrance types appeared in the early part of the 1900s. These include single floral, floral bunch, amber/Oriental woody, chypre, and fougere.In 1945, the advent of technology led to a completely new world of fragrances arabiski kvepalai. To describe them, a set of new categories was developed. The six modern perfumes are floral, greenery, citrus, fruity, or gourmand.

In French, these perfumes are known as soliflore. They focus on the fragrance of one flower. Single florals are not common in men’s perfumes. But that doesn’t make them non-existent. These fragrances are masculine because they combine the floral scent with musky and leathery notes.

Contrary to single florals which emphasize the scents of just one flower, floral bouquets emphasize the scents of, well, bouquets of different flowers. Men will often insist that florals only belong to women. But that is simply not true. This fragrance category offers scents that combine floral notes with more masculine ones to create beautiful and complex fragrances.

All amber fragrances share a unique aura, despite their wide variety. Ambers have a sensual, warm fragrance that combines vanilla, animal, and floral notes. This intoxicating scent family is ideal for cooler weather. Try wearing an amber to warm up in the winter. Woody fragrances have a masculine scent and are inspired by nature. These powerful fragrances use notes of sandalwood and patchouli to create scents that remind you of a dense forest. The scents are usually dry and warm, making them perfect for an evening out.

Another fragrance family with highly masculine scents. These scents blend notes of wood, tobacco, honey, and wood tars. They will remind you of the scent of a leather jacket in a smoky room or a leather sofa. Expect to also find smoke, tobacco notes, burnt woods, silver birch, and vetiver. These are the perfect scents for men looking for a classic, masculine fragrance.

The French term for Cyprus is chypre. These fragrances have a Mediterranean feel to them, combining citrus top notes with warm woody, mossy bases. Chypres is one of those difficult-to-describe fragrances because they can have a leathery, smoky, or green scent.

Fougere fragrances have a woody, fresh scent. In French, fougeres means fern. They are also inspired by natural scents. They are sweeter and fresher than woody perfumes. Lavender, oakmoss, coumarin, and other notes are to be expected. On the fragrance wheel, this member of the family is dark green.

These fragrances are either a single floral scent or a blend of several different floral scents. Men tend to think florals are only for women. This isn’t true. Floral Colognes can have a masculine scent, but floral notes soften it, making them perfect for summer and daytime. Dior Homme is one of my favorites, as well as Burberry Brit for Men.

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