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This is a great milestone in your life. To make the most of your first gun ownership experience, you will need to know a few things. Liberty Safe offers some helpful tips to help you get started with your gun ownership journey.

These firearms have smaller barrels and are lighter. Because of the thick barrel’s rifling, they are extremely accurate and can withstand great pressure. These guns are much lighter than other types, and can be carried easily with just one hand. They are excellent for self-defense, range shooting, and protection.

There are several good resources to help you learn about the gun laws of your state and town. Online, you can find the gun laws for your state and locality. A reliable gun dealer will be able tell you the legal requirements to legally buy a firearm, as well as what the restrictions and laws in your mossberg 940 particular state or municipality are.

After you have an idea of the type of gun that you want, and a general idea of how it will be used in your state, you can start to gun shop. You might still have questions. There are many knowledgeable and experienced staff at gun shops that can help you with any questions. Do not bother with them if you don’t have any questions. There are many shops that would love your business.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the guns you are interested in. Make sure you ask questions about each gun’s pros and cons and the permits and specialty permits that may be required. It doesn’t mean you have to buy your firearm at the first shop you see. It is possible to shop around for a better deal. You might also consider renting firearms at the gun range before purchasing your own.

You should make sure the gun isn’t too heavy for your hand or it will be difficult to hold. You should also be able turn the safety off and back quickly, so you don’t waste your time if you need to shoot fast.

The trigger action you have will also affect the way the gun loads, locks, fires, extracts, and ejects when you pull its trigger. Common trigger actions include: All states require you to sign an ATF 4473 Firearms Transaction form. This is where you will verify your legal ability to purchase guns. The law requires you to truthfully complete this form. Why? Because the gun dealer will review your information and must submit it to the FBI for background checks. Some dealers might run your background checks on the spot, and you may receive an immediate reply. The FBI might approve, deny or delay the gun deal.

Sometimes the FBI may not give a definitive answer because it needs additional information. The FBI calls on its Criminal Justice Information Services Division for assistance. An examiner will contact local law enforcement to get additional information. Failure to make a decision within 3 days of the FBI is considered a default procede and the licensed dealer could sell the firearm.

After your ATF 4473 approval has been received, you have 30 calendar days to finalize the purchase. If you do not complete the purchase within that time frame, you will need another form. An approved form may only be used once per transaction. To purchase another firearm after the first purchase, even if within those 30 days you must file another form.

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