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Where is the best and cheapest place to buy ammunition? Can you order shells online? What about local laws? This guide covers everything you need to know. However, rules change from country to country and are geared toward US buyers. Online or in-person, you can purchase ammo from Walmart or Cabelas. Although we often get asked, “Where is the cheapest place for ammo?”. The market does not work like that. All you have to do is search around to find the best deal. There are price comparison search engines that can help Firearms.

Under US federal law, you must be 18 to buy a rifle and shotgun ammo. To buy pistol ammo, one must be 21. Ammo is explosive and contains gunpowder. It falls under particular shipping policies. The ORM-D sticker, a mandatory signature, will likely be found on your box. It can be challenging to return online orders due to these particular shipping policies. People who reside in California, Massachusetts, or Washington, DC, are subject to special restrictions. Below are the details.

A freight forwarding service is required if you want to order ammunition online from Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Find a local shipper, such as Alaska Ammo. Some areas require that an online shot be sent to a trusted intermediary, an FFL (basically any local firearm store), who can check your paperwork. For help, search for “(your address) FFL” in Google. There are no restrictions on the amount of ammo that you can buy. However, there is growing evidence that placing large orders (e.g., If you order thousands of rounds simultaneously, will be placed on the government radar.

Prepare. Be prepared. More great content and giveaways are available. Subscribe to The Prepared’s Newsletter for Free and Get the Best Prepping Content Directly to Your Inbox 1-2 emails per month, 0% spam. If you are in a country that allows online ordering and doesn’t mind waiting for your order to arrive, then buying online can be a great way to save money. Ammo prices can vary widely from vendor to vendor. Current events may throw the demand-supply curve off its track, leading to strange shortages and sudden spikes in price.

 It was sometimes brutal to find standard calibers, and even if it were, it was significantly more expensive than before the crisis began. Firearms still have local mom-and-pop shops. To support locals, you can shop from the “LGS,” the common acronym for your local gun shop. It also helps to keep the firearm community safe. Search “(your address) + gun store.”Big-box retailers have unfortunately become targets/part of political debates surrounding civil rights. This has led some stores to remove ammunition from their shelves.

A chain can have inconsistencies from one region to the next. A chain might sell ammo in rural areas while not stocking high-crime locations. Walmart is an example of this. They sell “hunting” ammunition (rifle or shotgun) but don’t sell pistol ammo because criminals use it more frequently. Purchasing new ammo at a gun show is not a good idea. Gun shows can be an excellent place for bulk purchases of “reloads,” which can help to save money on ammo and stocking up. You might find restrictions at any level of government, oversight, or supervision that applies to you, even your HOA. If you reside in a city or state known for being anti-2A, it might be worth looking at laws at lower levels.

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